Supergraphic (the big swoopy thing)

Our supergraphic is a very large, hand-painted version of the Bulb logo. We use crops of the supergraphic to frame the logo, text or images.

Use large, abstract crops of the supergraphic when framing. You can use different sections of the supergraphic, but rotating it to find a crop is a no-no. Ideally, you shouldn't really be able to tell which part of the logo is showing in the crop.

You can use multiple supergraphic crops together. These should be at the same (or a very similar) scale so brushstrokes and details don't look inconsistent.

Using supergraphic


  • Use the supergraphic in full colour. It's boldest that way.
  • On Bulb pink, we use a Bulb blue supergraphic crop. That's the primary way we do it.
  • On white, we use two supergraphic crops placed over the top of each other in contrasting colours. That helps with readability.


  • Never mix pink and green supergraphic crops and backgrounds. So no pink on green and no green on pink. Trust us, it ain't pretty.

Supergraphic dos and don'ts

Here's an example showing how we use the supergraphic:

Supergraphic examples on a letter and a few leaflets

Matthew James Cowlishaw, Matthew David Smith and Daniel Francis Butters, each Insolvency Practitioners of Teneo Restructuring Ltd, were appointed Joint Energy Administrators of Bulb Energy Limited on 24 November 2021. The affairs, business and property of the Company are managed by the Joint Energy Administrators. The Joint Energy Administrators act as agents of the Company and contract without personal liability.